About us

Vaultsafe is powered by Depositit, a leading global provider of data and cyber security protection services since 1999.

The Depositit remit from those early days was (and remains), to create easy to use automated services that save time and make people’s lives simpler, backed by great support when needed.

This was achieved with our flagship Depositit Computer “Backup” service, our Depositit C360 Computer “Protection” service and now Vaultsafe joins the line up, providing the easiest way to quickly save and find information whenever needed.

What was the Vaultsafe remit?

  1. Create a convenient and safe place to store the ever increasing amount of passwords, login & registration credentials, family IDs & Passport #’s and mounds of other personal, work, health and computing related details and anything you can think of (especially all those details we forget, just when we need them most).
  2. To be able to find whatever details we want (especially those we’ve forgotten), whenever we need them – as easily and quickly as possible.

Did we solve the problem? 

Yes, we believe we have. With Vaultsafe you can create an account in seconds and store any records, information or files in specific colour coded categories (such as the “Travel” category for your Passport details, “Health” for medical info, “Personal” for insurance etc). You can use it from any device, wherever you are in the world and whether storing or accessing, everything can be done in just 2 clicks.

It’s simple, convenient and a massive stress buster! Now you’ll always know where to find whatever it is you need.

We hope you enjoy using it and let us know any feedback.