Frequently asked questions

Vaultsafe has a FREE plan allowing you to store your Passwords, Logins and a variety of other Key records. You can upgrade your Plan at anytime to open up additional features and functionality that you will notice when you start using the service. Contact us if you require more information.

Once logged in you can quickly add, view or amend any details. Register today and use it straight away.

There is no software to download. Login to your account any time, from any device and you’ll have immediate access wherever you are in the world. 

You can save as much or as little as you wish. There is no limit.

Save passwords, codes, logins, policies, travel details, prescriptions, bookings, memberships, certificates, ID’s, licenses, CV, Wills, contracts, digital files and much more.

There are many benefits to using Vaultsafe including TLC:

– (T)IME: Everything you need is in one place.

– (L)EGACY: If something happens to you, a loved one can access your Logins (if you’ve given them your permission and details).

– (C)ONVENIENCE: Wherever you are in the World you can find the details you require.

It is very easy. You can get any detail you need in just two clicks.

Vaultsafe is much safer than storing information on paper, your phone or anywhere else where it could be viewed, stolen, lost or damaged. The data you store with us is encrypted, only accessible by yourself and all accounts have automatic logout built in. Data is not saved on any of your devices and no one besides yourself can see or access your account.

Yes, for security the system will Auto logout after 30 minutes of non use.

Our customers are accessing their Vaultsafe from Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s, Laptops using all operating systems and browsers from most countries. If you discover any issues please let us know.

Extra Benefits: 

Any files that you save within your account can be shared with recipients/s who will be able to view the file directly in their Web Browser (no need to Download on their device).

IMPORTANT: They will not have access to your Vaultsafe account which remains private and protected at all times.

Some of your Records will have a ‘Date’ field, which could be a renewal date for a membership, an insurance policy or travel details / bookings. 

From this ‘Date’ field you can set up Reminder Emails to be sent to yourself or others.

IMPORTANT: This feature is only available in selective / Premium Accounts.

Provide trusted people (i.e a work colleague, business partner, family member) with secure access to specific areas of your account so they can view one or more of your Records.

You can also enable them to securely upload and save files in one of your Records for you to view (i.e accounts, plans, editorial copy).

IMPORTANT: This feature is only available in selective / Premium Accounts.