The easy way for your Executor to contact Clients & Patients in your absence


  1. Appoint an Executor you trust to be in touch with your clients in an emergency.
  2. Sign an agreement between you both (View Example Agreement).
  3. Set up your Online Clinical Will Account
  4. Add client, patient and other relevant contact details your Executor may require in an emergency.
  5. Provide access to your Executor (instructions are available once you have created your account).


A: You can login as often as you wish from any device and add, remove or amend your information.

A: Yes, you can nominate as many Executors as you feel you require.

A: Generally this would a colleague, your supervisor or someone else that you know and trust.

A: We suggest your Next of Kin or person you have appointed to be contacted in an emergency (or both) have details of your Executor and can be in touch with them when an emergency arises.

Example…something happens to you, Next of Kin notifies your Executor and they access your Clinical Will to contact whoever you have noted in there.

A: Yes, you can register for a General Vaultsafe account from our Home page or any specific one/s (from our ‘Services‘ page). You will need to use a different Email address and Username for each account you set up.


With multiple clients, patients and contacts, Clinical Will from Vaultsafe provides you a single, safe place to save and store information that your nominated Executor can access in an emergency (on your behalf) when required. They can do this from any device and wherever they are in the world.


Clinical Will is the most convenient way to keep your client & contact details up to date so your Executor can access when needed.

It can be instantly and dynamically updated by you 24/7.


Clinical Will is easy to use and always available for you and your Executor.

Login from any device to find or amend details in seconds.

Everything is encrypted and private.

Set up your Clinical Will today