The calmest way for your Executor to access your digital information

Where is your Digital information saved?

Did you know that your Will can become a public document after your death, as such it’s not recommended to store details of accounts and passwords in your Will.

Where and how is the best way to store details of accounts, passwords and other helpful information to enable your loved ones to access and manage your accounts?


It takes 30 seconds to register and you can then store as much information as you wish in your secure digital vault.

Account details, Security codes, Logins, Key contacts, Memberships, Subscriptions, Insurance plans – all the details your loved ones will need and the ability to place relevant notes by them.

You can use it yourself whilst you’re alive and enable trusted others to have access when you have become incapacitated or died.


  1. Appoint an Executor you trust to have access to your details in an emergency.
  2. Set up your Digital Legacy Account
  3. Add all relevant details into your account that may be required.
  4. Provide access to your Executor.


A: You can login as often as you wish from any device and add, remove or amend your information.

A: Yes, you can nominate as many Executors as you feel you require.

A: Generally this would be a family member, your lawyer or someone else you know and trust.

A: We suggest letting a few people you are close to know who the Executor to your Digital Legacy is. You may wish to also include a note of your Digital Legacy Executor in your written Will. This way you are fully covered.

Example…something happens to you, Next of Kin might be your Executor or they can notify your Executor who can access your Digital Legacy account to obtain relevant information when required.


A: Yes, you can register for a General Vaultsafe account from our Home page or any specific one/s (from our ‘Services‘ page). You will need to use a different Email address and Username for each account you set up.

A: The most important thing to do is to ensure you have noted down your information AND informed the people who need to know that you have done this and how they can access it when required.

You can note things on paper, in a notebook or in a computer file however Digital Legacy makes sure all details are available 24/7 and can be accessed from any device regardless where in the world someone is.

In addition there’s no risk of the document being lost, misplaced or illegible. If you do keep an up to date electronic file, by all means upload this into your Digital Legacy account.


Having a formal Will is important and helpful but with so much of our lives now online and a myriad of information that cannot be held within the Will itself, Digital Legacy from Vaultsafe provides you with a safe place to save and store information that your nominated Executor can access in an emergency (on your behalf) when required. They can do this from any device and wherever they are in the world.


Digital Legacy is the most convenient way to ensure your details are available for your Executor to access when needed.

This can help speed up probate enabling the locations of relevant accounts and information.

All information can be instantly and dynamically updated by you 24/7.


Digital Legacy is easy to use and always available for you and your Executor.

Login from any device to find or amend details in seconds.

Everything is encrypted and private.

Set up your Digital Legacy today